How to Avoid Sun Burns This Summer

This summer before you take your children to the beach, the neighborhood pool, or backyard barbecues remember to protect their skin. Actually precautions for protecting children’s skin from the harsh impact of excessive sun exposure should be taken year-round, but it is especially important in the summer. During the summer children are outside more and its also when the suns rays are hottest. In addition to sunburns parents should watch closely for symptoms of heatstroke and make sure kids drink plenty of fluids to prevent dehydration. However by following a few safety steps and by planning ahead you’ll be able to prevent most problems associated with excessive sun exposure.

The absolute best way to prevent sunburns, heatstroke and dehydration is to stay out of the sun altogether, but that isn’t sensible or very fun, so what should you do. First parents should purchase sun screen that is able to block both UVA and UVB rays with an SPF or Sun Protection Factor of 30+. Second be sure to apply it at least thirty minutes before to going outside. This allows the sun screen time to penetrate the skin and give maximum protection. Once outside, reapply every two hours or more frequently if the children are swimming. One last thing about applying sun screens. Be sure to apply a generous amount to all exposed areas. Most of the time parents don’t apply enough lotion to prevent all sun damage. So don’t be afraid to slather them up. They will thank you for it when their adults. There are numerous products that can be bought to make this easier from colored sun screen that dries clear after it’s absorbed by the skin to spray lotions that make application easier and less messy.

Another important element in sun protection is the sun hat. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors, so finding one that you and your child likes shouldn’t be a problem. Ideally the hat should cover the face, ears and neck, all very sensitive body parts that are very susceptible to getting burnt. Studies show that one-third of all skin cancers are found on the face. You can also buy sun shirts that cover the body and arms while swimming. These shirts, called rash guards, have been worn by surfers for years and have an SPF rating of up to 150+. That is powerful protection for your child and peace of mind for you. So if your child wears plenty of sun screen, a hat, and a shirt their skin will definitely be protected from sun burn.

One final note on protecting kids this summer. Stay out of the sun from eleven until two. This will greatly decrease the chances of sun burn when the sun is at its peak. If this isn’t possible find some shade during this time for the children to take a break. Avoiding the sun isn’t the solution it’s knowing what to do when you are out in it.

To find more ideas for protecting your child from the suns harmful rays go to Toddler Sun Hat today. Taking steps to protect your child’s skin today will have lasting effects far into the future.

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